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  Sites we use and like

www.topleftpixel.com -

DDOI - Excellent daily photoblog.

www.stbenjamin.com -

TGOSB - graphic design collective founded by Benji Holroyd, featuring fashion / graphics / animation.

www.splutterfish.com -

Makers of the Brazil rendering system - a very fine piece of software for 3dsmax. A nice bunch of guys to boot.

www.scriptspot.com -

An excellent resource of maxscripts on the web.

www.imageafter.com -

Image resource - good reference material site.

www.cgtextures.com -

Texture resource, very handy.

www.hello-napalm.com -

Excellent set of Brazil tutorials.

www.uniform.net -

An excellent design and architectural film company I worked at for three years, based in Liverpool, UK.

www.vanhegan.net -

Gaby Vanhegan's website - an excellent freelance web developer, he generously hosts this site for us.