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19/01/10 -

Photos are now available for sale, and as E-cards through Fotomoto. Although I don't post news here any more, you can follow me on twitter, or see my CG work at www.oovfx.com.

21/02/08 -

Sam is judging the Escape Awards, which will be presented on 27th March in the Tate Modern. It is fantastic to be chosen to be among such a great judging panel. The standard of work should be excellent, Good luck to everyone who entered!

11/09/07 -

Finally got round to updating the site a little. I've added the archive section, added in categories to make the photos easier to sort through, and a link to my flickr page, where you can find smaller versions of the photos on this site. Sam's Reston Viewers photo was used in the Reston Citizen blog today.

All of the talks in San Diego went really well. Autodesk treated us handsomely and kept us fed and watered all week. Siggraph is always great for meeting up with other friends in the industry, and this one was no exception. Unfortunately we at Uniform missed out on the Architectural Animation Award at the Vismasters event - it went to Zhu from BHAA again, congratulations to her!

Mike is doing another talk at the EUE in Utrecht this week.

30/07/07 -

Mike's talk in La Coruna went very well, thanks to everyone who attended and the staff at Mundos Digitales for putting it all together. We are also going to be doing some talks at Siggraph this year. I will be speaking at the Autodesk User Group Meeting - usually the largest gathering at Siggraph, to over 3000 people. The talk, done alongside Uniform's MD Nick Howe, will focus on our recent films and creative process, and our use of visual effects techniques in our work. There will also be a chance to see us talk at the Autodesk booth on Tuesday and Thursday on the trade floor. These talks will last half an hour, and be a bit more in depth; similar to those in La Coruna and around Europe. Please feel free to come and check them out!

The party after the User Group Meeting is on board the aircraft carrier USS Midway - definitely worth attending!

I'd also recommend getting up early on Sunday morning to catch the Computational Photography talk - this was one of our highlights from last year's event. I believe it is on at 8:30am.

10/06/07 -

The SuperUser tour went really well; many thanks to Jamie, Kirsten and all the Autodesk staff who made it happen, and for everyone who came to listen to me and see the work. There are more talks coming up, the first one of which Mike will be doing, at Mundos Digitales, in La Coruna, Spain, on the 3rd of July. He will be talking about our use of visual effects techniques in our work at Uniform, drawing on a few recent film projects for examples and technical breakdowns.

18/04/07 -

I've been invited to speak on the SuperUser tour with Autodesk, to talk about our work at Uniform. I'll be talking about two recent projects, Blyth Road and Crystal, on the following dates:

Dubai Wed May 16th
London Fri May 18th
Madrid Mon May 21st
Paris Tue May 22nd
Amsterdam Wed May 23rd
Munich Thu May 24th
Milan Fri May 25th

Jamie Gwilliam from Autodesk will also be presenting the new stuff from max9 SP1 and VIZ 2007.

16/04/07 -

One of our recent projects at Uniform, Blyth Road, has been nominated for a Big Chip Animation Award. I (Sam) was lead artist on this one, working on it from start to finish. It has also been featured in Digit and Computer Arts magazines this month.

18/03/07 -

Site rebuilt and design changed to include the photoblog. The plan is to update this reguarly with new images. I've been taking quite a lot more photographs recently, and wanted to start putting them online.

The photoblog is run using pixelpost 1.5 - its free and seems great so far.