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Architectural Selection Tools 0.7
Bad Map Finder
BG Switcher
Camera Switcher
Copy to Instance
Frame Adder
Large Object Manager
Mat ID Dashboard

Material Convertor
Material Manager
Quick Mask Object
Quick Mask Material
Radiosity Quickbar
Skin Weight Editor
Vertices by Edge Number


These scripts have been made during my learning bits of MAXscript. I can't guarantee any of them will work properly, in all situations, but most I use in production and so are fairly reliable. Some may be of more use than others. These scripts were written in max6/7/8/9, and should all work in max9, but may not work in earlier versions.

You can distribute these in their original form, and can use bits of them in your own scripts if you'd like to, but please credit me if you do - Sam.

Installation Instructions

Right click on the links and hit Save As.

Standard Maxsripts (.ms) can be run from the Maxscript button in the utilities panel. To have them always available, save the scripts into your maxroot\scripts\startup directory.

Macroscripts (.mcr) should be placed in maxroot\UI\Macroscripts, and are then accessed through the "Customise User Interface" menu in 3dsmax. You can then assign the script to a keystroke, or a button. All macroscripts will appear under the "Dusk" category in the dropdown.

Architectural Selection Tools v0.7 -

AST was written to help in working with editable poly objects on architectural models. It replaces Poly size selector, and adds many more options. It allows selection of polygons by their size, and edges by their length and orientation, and the quick saving and recall of polygon sub-object selections. I have written a help file, available here. I use this script in production on every model I make.

Material ID Dashboard 0.1 -

MatID Dash allows you to rapidly assign material IDs to an editable poly object. Select your faces, and hit the number to assign that ID to the faces. The script also allows you to assign random material IDs by polygon - type in the IDs you wish to randomise across the selected polygons into the slot, separated by commas, e.g. 1,2,5,8 - and hit R to assign them.

Bad Map Finder 0.1 -

Bad Map Finder searches through your scene and finds maps and materials that are incompatible with 3rd party renderers like Vray and Brazil. Bad maps and materials from older objects cause most of our network render failures, and this allows you to kill them off quickly. Currently finds:

Raytrace, flat mirror and reflect/refract maps (Bad Maps)
Raytrace and Advanced Lighting Override materials (Bad Mats)
All Brazil 1.2 material types (Brazil)
All Vray 1.4 material types (Vray)

All offending maps and mats found will be listed in the listener window, and also displayed in the material editor. Best workflow is to hit reset material editor slots in the Utilities menu, run the script, materials will be loaded into the editor. Fix those that need fixing, and then choose restore material editor slots to get your materials back.

Note that if you have instances of a material, (inside a multi-sub, for example) it will be displayed twice - you only need to fix it once. Requires max7 or later.

Vertices by Edge Number 0.1 -

Fairly basic at this stage, it will filter the selected vertices to find those which have the specified number of edges ending at them. Written for a specific job, to work on a troublesome model.

Quick Mask Object v0.2 -

Renders a quick pass of whatever objects you have selected in 100% self illuminating white, with everything else in the scene black. Useful for creating quick masks or mattes to use in Photoshop. Simply select the objects, and push the button. Note: This script uses hold and fetch to restore your scene.

Note that this script can fail on heavy scenes - if you then run it again following a fail you can lose the held scene, so please save before you start using it!

Quick Mask Material v0.2 -

Works in the same way as the object mask, but with a specified material. Pick an medit slot to work on, and if the material is part of a multi-sub, pick a sub-object id, otherwise leave on 0.

Note that this script can fail on heavy scenes - if you then run it again following a fail you can lose the held scene, so please save before you start using it!

Viewport BG Switcher v0.2 -

A little interface for loading images and setting them as viewport backgrounds. Hit "Load" to add images, and "Remove" to remove them. "Apply" sets an image as the viewport background, "View" lets you view the image, and "Dialog" brings up the max background dialog. The list of images does not save with the scene in max7 unfortunately.

Render Frame Adder v0.1 -

Very simple little script - Allows you to set frames to be rendered. Scrub through your timeline and hit "Add" to add the current frame to the render queue. Hit "Update" when you're done, and the frames will be added to the queue.

Copy to Instance v0.1 -

Very simple - this just scans selected objects and converts them into instances of the pre-selected master object. For when you make lots of copies of something then realise they should have been instances... Will scan objects to ensure they are of the same class before conversion (so if you have a light as the Master object, it won't instance any meshes, etc)

Material Convertor v1.0 -

Converts Brazil Advanced Materials <--> Standard Materials. The new version should also handle multi-sub materials, blends, shellacs, double-sideds, top-bottoms, etc. This one can be a little odd and fail at times, but converting single materials in the material editor still seems stable. The mass converts of multiple objects doesn't work quite right yet, and save your file if you are going to use them! Check the notes at the top of the script for more info / issues.

Camera Switcher v0.3 -

Macroscript that you can assign to a hotkey (I replaced 'C' with it) which cycles through your cameras each time you press it. Will jump to a camera if you have that camera selected. Works with BCams.
0.2 Updated to not give an error when there are no cameras in the scene, and to not appear in the undo stack.
0.3 Updated to be able to cycle back through the camera list, and not to hang on certain scenes with targeted cameras.

Material Manager v0.3 -

Iterates across all selected objects and lets you:
Set the bitmap filtering (summed area, pyramidal, none)
Rename all maps in a material based on material name.
Works on groups and most basic max materials. Won't work on 3rd party materials.

Multi-Render v0.3 (Updated 10/03/05)-

Updated: Now works with max7, and removes incorrect image naming problem. Renders all cameras in the scene with current render settings, sending the jobs to the Backburner Manager. Will need editing if you use a non subnet mask. NOTE: You must untick the save frame check box in the render dialog before using this script, or it will write each image with the same name, overwriting the previous image!

Radiosity Quickbar v0.1 -

A macroscript which produces a space-saving floater that allows you to start/stop/reset the radiosity solution, and change the meshing size. Has a progress bar to show you how far the solution has got, but it doesn't always seem to update on heavy scenes.

Large Object Manager v0.1 -

Allows you to set objects over a certain number of faces to appear as a box. Aids navigation in polygon-heavy scenes.

Skin Weight Editor v0.1 -

Allows you to set the weight of multiple vertices at once. Simply select the vertices, select the bone from the drop down, and change the weight. Quicker than editing in the weight table.

Script Icons

I have made icons for some of the macroscripts - unzip these into 3dsmax\UI\icons and 3dsmax\UI\ame to have them available. I do plan on making icons for all those that need them in due course.

Please feel free to send comments or problems to me: sam [at] pixelpollen [dot] com